Setting up your profile, or what we at Leadr like to call your “baseball card,” is an excellent way to get to know your team and those you are meeting for the first or hundredth time! During your 1:1s, you’ll be able to see a bio about the person you’re meeting, their personality type, and other fun facts such as their favorite food. This is a great way to make your 1:1s more personal while also developing employees as a whole.

Getting started

  1. Log into your Leadr account, then locate and select your name found in the lower-left corner of the main page

  2. Next, locate and select Profile found in the lower right corner.

    3. If you added your photo during signup, skip to step four. If not, go ahead and upload a profile picture and fill out the Basic Information fields.

About Me

  1. Now for the fun part! Write a brief bio in the About Me section. Some Leadrs like to include essential traits, how to communicate with them, quirks, and other tidbits that a coworker may not know. Maybe you want to travel or enjoy cooking, or have some crazy cool hobbies. Include what’s important to you in your About Me; so your team gets to know you even better!

Personality Types

  1. Next, add your Personality Types. Many different personality tests are available, so Leadr listed some of the most common ones, including the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, Disc, and StrengthsFinder. Add results for those your organization uses or likes best. Once populated, curated communication tips will become available to those within your organization. If you are a personality test guru or identify better with a different type, please update the results!


  1. Fill out the Favorites sections with your favorite food, snack, drink, or organization-specific field(s).

Social Media Profiles

  1. If you are an overachiever, add links to your socials like LinkedIn under the Social Media Profiles field.

Lastly, scroll back to the top, and select Save Changes in the upper right corner to publish your profile!

Ta-Da! Your profile is complete and ready for your next 1:1 meeting!

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