If an employee moves on or an intern goes back to school, an Admin can Deactivate an employee following these steps. Skip to step 4 if you just need to Reactivate an employee within Leadr.

Deactivate a User

1. Click on Admin in the lower-left corner.

2. Next, select People

3. Activated People will now appear. Double-check Active is highlighted, then locate the employee that requires deactivation.

4. After locating the correct employee, select the three vertical dots, click Deactivate.

3. The employee is now Deactivated and can no longer access Leadr. The user will not be notified of the change.

Reactivate a User

4. Need to Reactivate an employee account (summer intern coming back or an employee returning from a long absence)? You can do this under the Deactivated tab within the three vertical dots by selecting Activate Account.

The user will not be notified of their account activation. Once reactivated the user will gain access to past meetings, goals, feedback, learning, action items, and log-in rights.

That's it! Now you can Deactivate and Reactivate users as needed. Please note, once Deactivated, past meetings, goals, feedback, learning, etc.. will be available to any employee and manager with past interactions and any admin.

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