Once content is added to the Library it is available for anyone to view or assign to others. If your organization has content that you use for training or other purposes, you can add it into Leadr. As of now, the content needs to be hosted somewhere else, such as Youtube or Google Drive, but you can drop the link into Leadr's Library for people to easily access.

1. Click on the Learning tab and then click on the Library button in the upper right. Here you can also find content Curated By Leadr and add your own content for your organization.

2. Click the Add to Library button on the left.

3. Paste the link to the content you want to upload, add a title, and select a category. You can also add application questions as well. This is a great way to measure if people viewed the content and see how they responded.

4. Click Save to Library in the lower left corner and your content will be saved and ready to assign to people now or in the future.

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