Creating a template for meetings is a great tool to save questions you may use often or again in the future.

1. Under the Meetings tab on the left sidebar of Leadr, select an upcoming meeting or schedule a new meeting. (Learn how to schedule meetings here.)

2. Click the Topic Suggestions button.

3. Under your organization select + Add Template on the right hand side.

4. Create a name for the template and begin to add in Topics. Once you’ve finished, click Save in the bottom right corner.

Your template is now ready to use for any future meetings. When you're ready to use your template in a meeting, click on Topic Suggestions and select Add All from the template you created. These questions will now appear in your Topics for discussion during the upcoming meeting.

*Note about templates: 1:1 templates are different from team meeting templates. For example, if a template is created in a 1:1 meeting, it will only be useable in any 1:1 meeting, but not within team meetings.

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