Asking for feedback can take courage, but Leadr makes requesting feedback easy and painless. Receiving and giving feedback is vital for personal growth and is important for overall organizational health. There are always things we do well and other things we can improve on and when feedback is done the right way, it can be extremely beneficial for your personal growth not only at work, but also in life.

1. To request feedback, click the Request Feedback button on the upper right corner in the Feedback section of Leadr.

2. Search the teammate by name or scroll through your organization’s list and find the person or people you want to request feedback from. Once you have selected the user(s), click Next.

3. You can create your own feedback request by giving it a title and adding feedback questions, or you can select a template by clicking Select From Library. (To learn how to create a feedback template, click here.)

4. There are curated templates you can use from Leadr, or you can use any templates that have been created by anyone in your organization. Find the feedback template you want to use and then click Use Template.

5. Add, edit, or remove any questions from the template. Once you are finished, click Next to review your request.

6. If everything looks good, click Send and the user(s) you sent the request to will get a notification and be able to respond to your questions.

You also have the option to add the feedback to your next 1:1 so you can discuss the responses in more detail. Find out how to add feedback to your next meeting here!

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