If you have received or given feedback through Leadr, you can add the feedback to your next 1:1 with that person. This is a good time to go over responses in more depth and talk through things to make sure communication is clear and you both come to the same understanding. Discussing feedback isn't always comfortable, but it is integral for growth and the more you make feedback a habit, the easier it will get.

1. Go to the Feedback tab and find the feedback that you want to discuss. You can add feedback that you requested or feedback you gave to someone. Click on the three dots on the right side next to the completed feedback.

2. Click on Add to Meeting.

3. Select the meeting you want to add the feedback to. If you don’t have a regular or scheduled meeting with the person, you will see a button to Schedule a Meeting.

4. The feedback is now added to the meeting you selected. If you go to the Meetings tab and click on the meeting you selected, you will find the feedback below the Topics. You can also remove a feedback question if you want to by clicking on the three dots next to the feedback question.

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