Have you ever sent a document or short clip over email and wondered if people actually watched or read what you sent? And if they did see the content you emailed out, what were their reactions? A few people may have responded to the email with some of their thoughts, but more often than not majority of the team stays silent. By assigning learning in Leadr you will have a tangible way to gauge a person's responses to documents or videos that are sent out. Anyone can assign content from the library to another team member and application questions can be added to see the viewer's takeaways. You can also see if they completed the questions and add it to your next meeting to discuss if you want to.

1. Click on the Learning tab on the left sidebar in Leadr and then click the Assign Learning button in the upper right corner.

2. Select who you want the content to be assigned to, then click Next in the lower right side of the page.

3. You can paste a link into the Content Link field and give the content a title. You can also add in application questions OR you can click Select From Library and all content you have uploaded as well as content curated by Leadr will pop up.

4. When you've found a piece of content you want to assign, click Assign and the link and content title will automatically update.

5. If application questions have already been added to the content they will automatically show up under the Application Questions section. You have the option to add, remove, and edit all application questions. The three vertical dots on the right side of a question allows you to edit or remove that question. Below all the questions, you can click Add Application Question and after typing your question, click Add Item.

6. When you’re finished adding application questions, select Next at the bottom of the page.

7. Review the content you’re assigning and then select Send to assign the content for the assignee(s) review.

Once content is completed, you will get a notification that the content you sent out is finished. You also have the option to add it to your next meeting for discussion.

To add content to your next meeting, simply go to the Learning tab and find the content you want to discuss. Click on the three dots next to the status and click Add to Meeting. If you don't have a regularly scheduled or upcoming meeting with this person, you'll be able to schedule a new meeting with them. Otherwise, choose the upcoming meeting you'd like to add the library content discussion to.

Recall or Delete an assigned Learning by going into the "Assigned by you

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