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Sometimes projects and workload can seem overwhelming, so creating Goals are essential. But, don't take just our word for it; according to Forbes, setting goals builds self-confidence and increases productivity. With the Goals feature in Leadr, you can track, edit, and create action items for your goals to help you stay focused and make progress on what's important.

This article will help set up the goals feature within Leadr. Follow step-by-step for your first goal of reading a new book!

Skip to step 9 for collaborative goals

1. With Goals selected, click Start a Goal located at the top of the page.

2. Within Start a Goal, begin by entering the Title under Overview. Next, enter the Objective, then assign the Start Date and End Date. You can even add an External Link if the document(s) is stored in a cloud-based system/project management tool. Start a goal but forgot to enter it into Leadr? No worries, you can backdate the start date!

3. Next, head to Sharing, select Assign this Goal to Someone- either you or someone in your downline. Note you can only assign a Goal to someone else if you have people who report to you.

4. Select Add Action Item within Actions tab, then select Add a Due Date. By assigning out smaller tasks (within the bigger goal), you can track your goals better. Plus, who doesn't love checking the box as completed? Add as many Action Items as you need to achieve the goal by the due date!

5. Before leaving the Goal, make sure all your work is Saved by selecting the Green save button in the top righthand corner of the screen near Set a Goal. If you need some extra time to finalize your goal, use the blue button to save it as a draft.

6. Once saved, your Goal will appear under the Goals tab.

7. Select your Goal, highlight Updates, then click Update Status, where you can mark the goal as on/off track, move the slider indicating the goal progress, and add a comment or status update. Make sure you select Save before exiting.

8. Once you have completed an Action Item, you can mark it as complete by selecting your Goal, highlighting Actions, selecting applicable Goal Action, and pressing the Complete button. Alternatively, Owners or Collaborators can complete goal Actions within the Action Items tab.

Collaborative Goals

9. Another neat feature is Collaborators, where you can create a team goal. Collaborators can only update action items assigned to them or add a new note; they cannot update the overall goal. To collaborate, select Add People to add to your goal. You can Search by name or select the Arrow to filter by department, downline, direct reports, or recent.

10. If you create a Collaboration Goal with the team, select Sharing under Add a New Goal Action. Then select Assign this Action Item to Someone assign the action(s) to as many collaborators as needed. Be sure to click the Save icon in the upper right corner of the task.

The Goal will show up under Goals for Collaborators but will only update assigned action items and add a new note. Collaborators cannot edit the overall goal.

Goal Owners and Goal Creators have full read/write access to the goal.

Private Goals can be toggled on by checking the box in step 3

Goals are a great way to get the team engaged make overwhelming tasks more manageable with bite-sized action items. Plus, managers can see active goals for employees (unless private) within their 1:1 meetings. Who doesn't like being able to say, "yeah, I did that!"

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