If your organization onboarded after March 2020, the green Start an Action is not available. You can add actions within meetings and goals. Skip to step 5 on how to add an action within a Meeting. See article Goals for action items within goals.

Adding Action Items into your Goals makes those bigger goals more manageable and easier to work towards. Action Items can also be assigned to people on your team for completion. It’s a simple, yet effective way to get started working towards what matters most.

1. With Action Items highlighted, select Start an Action. You can also filter through your actions by using the checkboxes on the right side of the page for sorting.

2. Highlight Overview, begin filling out Creat a New Action by first inputting the actions Description, Add a Due Date (if applicable). Then add an External Link (if necessary).

3. Then select Sharing if you need to assign the Action Item to someone in your organization. Then click the Save button in the upper right corner.

4. If you need to Edit an action item, select the Action to make edits then press Save. To Delete, select red Delete in the bottom middle of the screen.

5. If the Action Item is completed, select applicable action, then select (green) Complete. This feature is only available to the assigned action owner.

6. Action Items can be added within a Meeting and will remain visible within the Meeting until Completed. This is a great way to set reminders for items that you discussed in a meeting because both parties can follow up on the progress each time you meet.

7. Within the Meeting, you can remove and update Action Items by selecting the three vertical dots.

8. When an Action Item is completed, the Action Owner can check the Box located within the meeting under Action Items. Note, only the owner can complete actions by checking the box. Admins can view opened Actions with the Action Items tab

Now you are all set to create an Action Item! Check out the Goals article for even more in-depth information about why setting action items is so important!

At this time, there is no option to assign an Action Item to multiple employees. Videos, Books, or Podcasts can be added through Learning and assigned to multiple employees.

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