Do you want to see your boss's boss baseball card? Or maybe make a new friend in another department? An excellent place to start is within Leadr's people tab. In here, you can find everything from personality tests to favorite snacks for everyone within your organization.

Peoples Tab

  1. To begin, open Leadr and head to People on the Navbar

  2. Once selected, the People tab should display cards for each employee invited into Leadr. Unless you are a manager, the only metrics visible will be your own.

  3. Scroll through the cards to select a person you would like to view. Click on their card to begin viewing the details they have entered about their favorites and their personality.

  4. Want to know more about the metrics on your card? Check out this article


Edit Profile and Org Chart

Pro tip: You can use the People tab to access your baseball card and even edit fields! Select the green Edit Profile to begin.

  1. To access the hierarchy of the Org Chart, select the blue Org Chart button

  2. The chart will default to you; use the up/down arrow to move higher within the chart

By using the arrows you can see who others report to within your organization. The structure is determined by who someone's manager is. A manager is selected when the profile is first created in Leadr, and if someone's manager needs to be updated, admins can choose a different manager within the Admin page.

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