Do you need to link an external document in your next meeting in Leadr? Or, what about a link to the recorded All-Hands Meeting? You can easily accomplish this by Adding a Hyperlink within your meeting.

Hyperlink within Topics

  1. Start by Scheduling a Meeting, or select an upcoming meeting from within the Meetings Tab.

  2. Once you have selected or created the appropriate meeting, begin by selecting Add Topic.

  3. Use the Hyperlink icon to begin typing in the URL and Text. For example, we will usually have the link under the word "here" or the document's title.

  4. Next, select Insert to see your Hyperlink populate within the chosen word or phrase. Note, you will know this is linked in the text is listed in blue.

  5. Finish typing in your topic, then select Add Topic. Or, if the phrase is linked in blue, select Add Topic. Remember, if this topic is only for you, select "visible only to you." Or, if it needs to show up in future meetings, select "recurring."

Hyperlink within Notes

  1. You can also link to an external document within the Add Note feature. Under an existing Topic, hover over to select Add Note.

  2. Next, follow the steps above to add a Hyperlink within a Note.

Video Walk-thru

That's it; you are all set to share those links with your team!

We understand that adding a PDF is crucial to some users, and if that is the case for you, we'd love to hear from you within our Lightbulb bubble! For now, the best way to add a document to your meeting is by uploading the document to a cloud-hosted service provider.

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