At Leadr, we want to recapture the value of reviews as an important part of the ongoing growth of leaders within your organization. When using Goals, 1:1’s, Feedback, and Learning effectively, the review process becomes a seamless way to provide a “checkpoint” to pause for a moment and reflect on both the accomplishments and challenges of the recent quarter.

This ensures that your team is aligned with:

  • Clarity - people understand what is expected of them

  • Feedback - people understand how they are doing

  • Support - people have the tools and support that they need to thrive in their work

Video Walkthrough

Here is a brief overview of Reviews that will help you navigate setting up review cycles for your team.

Create a Review

As an Admin, you can create reviews for your entire organization from within the Admin Dashboard

  1. Select Admin tab, then select Reviews

    1. Within the Reviews homepage, you’ll be able to view your reviews in 3 different stages:

      1. Active: Review cycles in progress

      2. Draft: Review cycles saved before publishing

      3. Completed: Review cycles finished

  2. Select the green Start a Review Cycle to begin, a new tab on the righthand side of the screen will appear, selecting Create saves progress but does not publish the review cycle

  3. Name your Review Cycle and provide a brief overview within the Introduction

    1. Note, throughout reviews, you may notice circle i, hover over it for tips

  4. Next, select the Type of review

    1. Closed Review: The manager cannot see employee's responses until they submit their responses

    2. Open Review: The manager can see the employee's responses before submitting their responses

  5. Now, select the Timeframe

    1. Start: The first date a person should begin considering for the review cycle

    2. End: The last date a person should stop considering for the review cycle

      1. Question: Jimmy is reviewing Rob and the cycle begins 01/01/2021 and ends 05/01/2021. Rob has been late to work every day for the entire month of June and has significantly declined in his abilities to manage workload. Does Jimmy factor these issues into this review cycle?

    3. Assessment Due Date: The due date used for email reminders, and when an outstanding review is "overdue"

  6. Now, select Create to save your draft and automatically open up the review for entering in questions and employees

Customize Review Topics

Now that your Review is created and saved in Draft Reviews, you can begin customizing your topics

  1. Select Continue

  2. The tab will open within Edit Review Cycle where you can adjust the Name, Intro, Dates, or Type

  3. Select Topics, then the small "+Add" to begin entering in questions

    1. Free Form: This offers a field for questions that requires a written response

      1. Example- Provide a brief overview of the work you completed during this review cycle

    2. Custom Rating/Scale: A question needing only a numerical response

    3. Multiple Choice: A question where the respondent(s) can choose an applicable response

    4. Chose from Templates: Where previously saved questions are housed and where Curated By Leadr responses are available

  4. After typing in the topic, select the Respondents (you can now create targeted questions for one or both to answer)

    1. Reviewer and Reviewee: Both Manager and Employee

    2. Reviewer: Just the Manager

    3. Reviewee: Just the Employee

  5. You can also choose a different Type from within the Add Topic tab

  6. The Preview provides a quick view of the question before selecting Save

  7. With your Topics saved, select the 6 squares located within each topic to reorder questions

After creating and saving Review questions, consider saving those questions as a Template for future cycles with Save As Template


Templates are a great way for Review Cycle creators to save Topics for future usage. Use all or one question from a template by selecting Add for individual questions, or +Add All to use the entire template.

Note, this tab is where you can delete existing templates using the Edit button near the Template Name. To edit templates, you must have an existing draft review created.

Add People

The great thing about the Org Chart and Admin Dashboard is that entering the employee's manager for those areas, also auto-populates the manager for reviews. Meaning, you only need to select employees completing the reviews, their manager will automatically receive their side of the review.

  1. With the draft Review Cycle open, select People and +Add

  2. Search by name by typing within the Search for Someone... box

  3. Use the arrow to filter by:

    1. Everyone: Default, everyone in your Organization

    2. Your Department: Employees who work in your Department

      1. Department field is found in the user's profile within the Admin Dashboard People tab

    3. Your Direct Reports: Employees who have you listed as your manager

    4. Your Downline: Employees who report to a manager who reports to you

    5. Recent: Employees selected in a previous field(s)

  4. Select the Select All button in the top left corner to add everyone in your Organization

Note, employees who do not have a manager listed within their Admin people profile will appear greyed out within the reviews people picker. To add the person to the review, they must have a Manager listed

Publish Review Cycle

Once you have looked over your dates, topics, and people, you can publish your review cycle. Those selected to complete the review cycle will receive an email notification and an incomplete dot next to reviews within their Leadr.

Once published, some changes can be made. However, it is good practice to make sure everything looks correct before publishing as some aspects like Topics cannot be modified once published.

To make changes to a Published Review Cycle

  1. Locate review under the Active Reviews tab, select view to continue

  2. Update Cycle Information and People by selecting Continue

    1. Published Reviews can be adjusted for:

      1. Start/End and Due Dates

      2. Name and Introduction

      3. Open or Closed Review Type

      4. Adding/Removing People

        1. Use the people tab within the review cycle to locate the X near the person's name. Follow on-screen instructions to delete a person from the review cycle. Note, if deleted from the cycle, all progress within the review is lost.

  3. Update Managers by using the Update Reviewers box

    1. An employees Manager is updated only within the Admin Dashboard. So this feature is to update an employee's manager during a review cycle.

  4. Use Delete Cycle to remove an Active Review Cycle

    1. Note that this function does not preserve responses, it completely deletes the cycle.

Print Review

Need to print paper copies of a review cycle? Admins can do this from the completed review cycle by clicking into the user's completed review, then selecting print. A new browser will open with the completed review for printing.

The manager can also print reviews directly from their completed reviews tab, by clicking into an individual review cycle, then selecting print review.

Questions and Answers

  1. Can you reorder the review questions?

    1. Yes! Questions can be easily moved within a Draft Review by dragging and dropping.

  2. Can you create a template for review questions?

    1. Yes, you can! Here's a video that will walk through creating those review templates.

  3. How do I find a Review Template I previously created to use again?

    1. After creating your new Review Cycle, go to the Topics section. Click the “+Add” button and select “Choose from Templates.” Your template will be under the “Org Templates” tab. Please note you may have to scroll to the bottom of the section to find your template.

  4. How can I update a template within Reviews?

    1. To update templates, you must have an Active or Draft Review available within the Reviews tab. Select the Draft Review->Continue->Topics->+Add->Choose from Templates->Org Templates-> Template Names->Edit->Delete Template.

  5. Can we do peer reviews?

    1. At this time there isn't a way to have peer reviews. All reviews that are created will be between a manager and employee.

  6. Who can see the reviews once they've been completed?

    1. Both the manager and employee can see each other's responses once the manager selects the "Release to Name" button within each individual review. Admins are also able to see all responses once the Reviewer (Manager) selects the "Release to Name".

  7. What if someone has more than one manager?

    1. Currently, whoever is set as an employee's manager in Leadr will receive the manager portion of the review. Use "Update Reviewers" if a manager is changed mid-cycle.

  8. Can I update participants within a live Review cycle?

    1. Yes, select the active Review->View->People->+Add (for more participants)->X (to remove participants)->Save

      1. After the users are updated, make sure to use the "Update Reviewers" located next to "Finish Cycle" to ensure that the correct manager receives their portion.

  9. Open vs Closed Reviews- What is the difference?

    1. In an Open Review, after a direct report will complete their self-assessment, the manager will have the ability to review the self-assessment before inputting their own responses.

      The Closed Review is a double-blind scenario, so both the direct report and the manager will have to complete their responses before it’s visible to the other party.

  10. Can I ask different questions to managers vs. employees during a review?

    1. Yes. Select the question and when the drawer pops out to the left, update the Respondents section and you can decide which party will receive that question during the review.

  11. What is the difference between the dates in the Timeframe section when I’m creating a Review?

    1. The Start and End Dates refer to the period of time you want the Manager and Direct Report to reflect on. For example, if the review is for the previous calendar year, the Start Date would be January 1 and the End Date would be December 31.

      The Assessment Due Date refers to the deadline for each party to complete the review.

  12. When is the Review Cycle live?

    1. Your Review is not live until it has been published. Click “Save” to get back to the main page for the Review and click the “Publish” button. Publishing the Review will send it to all selected employees and their managers.

  13. I’ve published my review. What does the “Update Reviewers” button do?

    1. If you have an employee whose manager changes during the Review Cycle, you have the ability to update the Reviewers so the current manager will review the direct report. In order to make the change, first, go into the direct report’s profile and update their manager. From there, go into the review and select the “Update Reviewers” button.

  14. What is the Nudge Tool and how does it work?

    1. Once a review has been published, our Nudge Tool allows you to send a friendly reminder to respondents that haven’t submitted their responses yet. When in the Review, scroll to the bottom of the box on the right side of the screen and click the “Nudge” button.

  15. I’m an Admin. How can I view a completed Review submission?

    1. In the Reviews section of the Admin Dashboard, select the appropriate published review cycle, then scroll through the users where you will see Not Started, In Progress, or Completed. Select "completed" to see responses for the Reviewer and Reviewee. Note, responses will not show up unless the Reviewer has completed the "Release to Name" step within each Review.

  16. Can I access Reviews through the Leadr App or a Mobile Browser?

    1. To help make everything fit into a mobile browser, our development team excluded the ability to complete reviews on a phone or tablet. For now, Reviews are accessible via a laptop or desktop computer.

  17. In previous Review Cycles, we could add in Goals, Learnings, or Feedback. But now I can't do that, why?

    1. The Reflections capability allows users to use a drop-down menu to add in Goals, Feedback, Learning, and Topics* (those previously flagged) into an active review cycle. For now, this feature can be turned on for Orgs case-by-case. If you and your team are interested and would like to discuss options for turning Reflections back on, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to Leadr Support.

Reviews Flowchart

  • The Admin Experience

  • The Manage Experience

  • The Direct Report Experience

If you have any further questions about Reviews, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager, or contact us at!

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