So, you set up your calendar integration and deleted duplicate meetings; now what? Well, for starters, now you have an integration that will help streamline the most important thing of all, your 1:1 meetings. Below you find some information on scheduling meetings, plus a Q and A on some common questions or issues.

Create a Meeting in Leadr

  1. Within the meetings tab, select the green schedule meeting box

  2. Next, begin filling in the slots like meeting name, location, and time

  3. Select the +Invite button to add Leadr users to the meeting

  4. Select Create at the top left-hand corner within the meeting scheduler

    1. The meeting tile will appear within the meetings tab, or within the meeting timeline for a 1:1 with previously scheduled/held meetings for all participants

    2. With your calendar previously linked, the meeting will auto-populate onto your calendar, then automatically send calendar invites to the participant(s)

    3. Once the participant(s) confirm the meeting within their calendar, any modifications like time changes or cancellations will sync

      1. Click here for a quick video showing a meeting scheduled in Leadr

Reschedule a Meeting in Leadr

  1. Locate the meeting in Leadr that needs rescheduling

  2. Select the correct date from within the timeline

  3. Then, select the three vertical dots and "edit"

  4. Update the day, frequency, or time

  5. Select "save"

    1. The meeting will update in Leadr instantly for all participants

    2. The creator's calendar will reflect the change within a few seconds

    3. Some participants need to refresh their calendars to see modifications.

    4. An email will not be sent to participants notifying them of the modification

      1. Click here for a quick video showing a meeting change in Leadr

Integration Tips

  1. The integration works best when meetings are scheduled from Leadr to your calendar

  2. Email domains ( must match, the calendar's email connection must match your Leadr login

  3. After setup, start by adding meetings from Leadr, and deleting duplicates in your calendar for syncing to work

Q and A

  1. I added meetings from Leadr to my calendar, but some won't sync, why?

    1. In an existing meeting, if you are not the creator of the meeting in Leadr, it will not allow using the "Add to Calendar" tab inside the calendar box. From within the meeting, double-check the creator to confirm

  2. How does an invitation work when I create a meeting in Leadr?

    1. Once the meeting is created, it will automatically sync with your calendar and will send the invitees a calendar notification to accept. The meeting in Leadr will show automatically on their end

  3. Why don't I see a meeting a coworker created in Calendar within my Leadr meeting tab?

    1. New Meetings from your calendar will populate in the reconciliation "calendar" box. Meetings between you and an individual outside of Leadr will not populate

  4. I deleted a meeting in my calendar, why did it not delete in Leadr?

    1. To avoid accidentally deleting past or present meeting history (topics notes agenda items) Leadr disabled the ability to delete from your calendar. Please also delete the meeting within Leadr as well.

  5. I added a zoom link and/or "Add A Room", but it doesn't show on the calendar invite?

    1. In Leadr: When you add a zoom link or a location in the "add a room" feature, it won't populate onto the calendar

    2. In Calendar: When you add a zoom link or reserve a room, it will populate on Leadr

  6. My coworker created a meeting in their calendar, why is it not giving me the option to "Add to Leadr"

    1. When originating from a calendar, the "Add to Leadr" option will only be available for the meeting creator. Once the creator adds to Leadr, it will automatically populate onto the invitees Leadr

  7. I added meetings from Leadr to my calendar but the start times changed +/- an hour, why?

    1. If start times are off, double-check Leadr, your calendar, and your computer are set to the same time zone. In Leadr, this can be done through the "Settings" tab

  8. I fixed the timezone issue but my meetings still show as +/- an hour, how do I fix it?

    1. Leadr, calendar, and computer for time zone issues, meetings will not automatically update with the correct time. Users will need to update the time to something else then update to the correct time

  9. I synced my calendar, how do I change the end time?

    1. Leadr meetings default to 1-hour time-slots and cannot be modified. Modify end-times in your calendar if needed

  10. I need to update the meeting time but I am not the creator, can I?

    1. Creator and Participants can update the meeting time in Leadr and calendar integration will update too

  11. I updated the meeting time in the Calendar but it did not sync, why?

    1. Changes made to meeting times in the calendar by a Participant will not integrate with Leadr

  12. I manage a team members (supervisors) calendar, but when I add a calendar event it does not go to their Leadr, why?

    1. The Leadr to Calendar integration relies on each employee to set up the integration with their Leadr and their email. Because it is not org-wide, or a blanket integration, this means that the meeting must originate from the profile or calendar of the supervisor. The best way to manage the integration is to have access to the Leadr or to the Calendar

This article will continue to update as more Q and A's are answered. If your question is not answered above, please reach out to our customer support via the blue bubble found in the bottom right-hand corner of your Leadr.

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