Drum roll, please...Gone are the days of scheduling the same meeting on two platforms because this integration allows you to easily connect your Microsoft Office 365 calendar with Leadr. Meetings with Leadr users created in either application will synchronize for a seamless experience.

Follow the steps below to set up your new Microsoft 365 Calendar Integration.

Need help with Google Calendar Setup? Click here:


  1. With Leadr open, select the banner "Connect Calendar"

  2. Under Calendar Settings, select the green Connect to a Calendar button.

  3. A pop-up window will ask you to select your Organizations' Calendar Provider. Note, most Organizations will use Office365. If unsure, select Office365 before attempting to integrate using Exchange.

  4. Once selected, you will be redirected to Microsoft Office 365 to log in.

  5. Next, select the blue Continue within the confirmation page. To fully integrate, please ensure access is successful during connection by selecting the "stay signed in" option.

  6. Once your calendar is successfully connected, the application will redirect you back to your Leadr homepage, where a new icon, Calendar, should be present

  7. Next, from within your Leadr profile, select Settings, then scroll to Calendar Settings, click into the drop-down menu, and select Calendar, you should then see a green Successfully saved your calendar pop-up

Your Office 365 Calendar is almost Synced! Click this article to sync and create meetings using the calendar integration.

Video Walk-Thru

Please note, the below video walks through the setup of Google. However, some processes are similar:

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Remember, at Leadr, we believe the single biggest driver of increased growth, engagement, and productivity is the manager and employee relationship. This makes the one-on-one meeting an incredibly important time, as it may be the only dedicated space all week where they have your undivided attention. Read more from the How-to Guide on The One to One Meeting here.

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