Want to level up your Leadr skills? Learn how notifications are sent? Become everyone's favorite coworker by turning on Birthdays and Work Anniversary reminders? This article will help!

User Settings

  1. Locate the Settings carrot within your Leadr homepage

  2. Select Settings and begin to Manage Setting

Customizable Email Notifications

  1. To ensure you are notified of upcoming meetings and overdue assignments, make sure "Upcoming Week" emails are toggled on (green)

  2. LeadrHR users can use the drop-down menu to filter Birthdays and Work Anniversaires

    1. Chose Everyone to receive Org-wide reminders

    2. Chose Your Department for only those who are within your Department

      1. Note, this setting requires an Admin to update profiles with departments

    3. Chose Your Direct Reports to receive reminders for your employees

    4. Chose People You Interact With for reminders that correspond with scheduled meetings

    5. Chose No One if you do not want birthday or work anniversary reminders.

      Send Test Email looks for upcoming Birthdays and Work Anniversaries within the next week. If none are present, the email will not send

Remember, Birthdays and Work Anniversary reminders are available to only LeadrHR users.

Logging In

Some organizations may require employees to sign via their Organizations email provider through Single Sign-On. Selecting one of the options will only connect login information.

  • Select Connect to Google if your Organization uses Google

  • Select Connect to Microsoft if your Organization uses any form of Office365

    • Currently, this is only available for non-enterprise Microsoft accounts. We are working to make SSO available to Microsoft enterprise.

  • Select Reset Password to receive email instructions on resetting your password within Leadr.

Note, selecting one of the above options will not connect your calendar to Leadr. Use the below articles for step-by-step instructions on calendar integration.

Calendar Settings


  • Toggle on (green) the "Use Default Timezone" to ensure Leadr meetings reflect the correct time in both Leadr and a synced calendar.

  • Toggle off (grey) the "Use Default Timezone" setting if your timezone is reflected incorrectly within Leadr.

Edit Profile

Why don't you go ahead and update your profile, or as we say, your "Baseball Card". Remember, the profile allows you to learn about and interact with the people you see every day at work. Keeping the profile updated, means, you might just get a special little gift from your coworkers or leadership. Use the green Edit Profile button to move on to editing your favorites. Want to learn more about your Profile? Click here

Automatic Email Notifications

You may have noticed the occasional (or frequent if you are a Leadr Pro) email notifying you of an action item, goal, learning, or feedback request. Who receives these emails are based on who assigned the goal, action item, learning... Here is a breakdown of current automatic email notifications:


  • When a goal is created

  • When a goal is completed

  • When a goal is deleted

    • Example: Bob creates a goal for Sally (Owner), Sally receives an email notification. Sally completes her goal, Bob receives an email.

  • The goal is assigned a new owner

  • The owner is removed as goal owner

    • Hilary is Chelsea's manager, Hilary assigns Chelsea a goal in Leadr, Chelsea gets an email notifying her she is the goal owner. Hilary decides Nicole should be the owner, Chelsea receives an email notifying her she is no longer the goal owner. Nicole receives an email notifying her she is a goal owner.

Action Items

  • When an action item is assigned

  • When an action item is completed

    • Example: Bob assigns as an action item for Sally in the above Goal. Sally received an email notification. When Sally completes the action item, Bob receives the email.


  • When feedback is assigned

  • When feedback is completed

    • Example: Sally requests feedback from her manager Bob, Bob receives an email notification that feedback was assigned. Bob submits the feedback Sally requested, Sally receives an email that the feedback is completed.


  • When learning is assigned

  • When learning is completed

    • Example: Hilary enjoyed a recent podcast, she assigns the podcast as learning to her direct reports. All direct reports receive an email that learning has been assigned. Only Chelsea completes the learning, Hilary receives an email notification and Chelsea is promoted.


  • When a Meeting is scheduled

  • When a Meeting is rescheduled

  • When a Meeting is edited in Leadr

    • Example: Rachel schedules a new recurring 1:1 with her direct report, Robyn. Both Rachel and Robyn receive an email from coach@leadr.com that the meeting was scheduled. Oh, but wait, Robyn is out of town during one of her 1:1s so Rachel rescheduled the meeting to a new date. Both receive a reschedule email from coach@leadr.com. Robyn renames the series to "1:1 with your favorite employee", both receive an email notifying them of the edit.

When a user replies to any of these emails, it is sent to our support staff at support@leadr.com

That's it! You have successfully updated your settings! Reach out to us in chats or by email to support@leadr.com if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns on this article or any other article.

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