We heard our users loud and clear; the scheduler in Leadr was wonky and not intuitive; yikes! The days of scheduling meetings with the circular clock are gone, and so are the day of no end times! Introducing Leadr's all-new "Schedule a Meeting" flow.

Updated: 22 Apr 2022


  1. Click on the Meetings tab on the left-hand side of Leadr, then select "Schedule a Meeting" at the top of the page.

  2. Now you will see three types of Meetings to choose from:

    1. 1:1 Meeting: A reoccurring meeting between Direct Reports and their Manager

    2. One-time 1:1: A meeting between two Org Members that does not reoccur

    3. Team Meeting: A meeting between 2+ staff that can reoccur or be scheduled as one-time

  3. Select the appropriate Meeting type to begin scheduling a Meeting

1:1 Meeting

  1. Select 1:1 Meeting to begin scheduling a reoccurring meeting between you and your staff. Or, a reoccurring 1:1 meeting between two staff members who are working on a project together, working on holding each other accountable, working towards goals, or planning parties, etc.. is another example of this meeting type

  2. Once the meeting type is selected, you can begin by selecting the individual you are meeting with:

    1. You can filter by Your Direct Reports, Leaders, Peers, Skip Level, and Others

  3. Upon making a selection, the 1:1 Meeting will auto-populate a Title. Pretty cool, right?

    1. Here is a quick video selecting individuals for a reoccurring 1:1 Meeting

  4. You can begin to schedule Date and Time, Frequency, and Repeating Days

    1. Click into each box under Start Date to update the first meeting date and the start and end times of the meeting

    2. Select Frequency to update the meeting from weekly, to every other week, to monthly on (insert) day.

    3. Now select Repeats On if the meeting reoccurs on more than the highlighted day of the week. For example, you and Sync for 15 mins in the morning, so I schedule the cadence with Frequency: Weekly and Repeats On MTWTF.

  5. Now, you should be ready to "Create Meeting" for your new reoccurring 1:1 Meeting Note; if your calendar is synced, it will send out invites and block the time within all participant's calendars.

One-time 1:1 Meeting

  1. Scheduling a 1:1 Meeting that is not coaching has never been easier! Start by selecting +Schedule a Meeting from your Leadr Meetings Tab.

  2. Next, select a One-time 1:1 Meeting and fill in the details like Meeting Title, Date, and Time. Note the frequency will not populate as this meeting type is one-time. Or, you can select the participant to use the auto-populated Meeting Title.

  3. Now, select the participant by either searching or using the tabs to filter by Direct Report, Leaders, or Peers. Note, once you choose a Participant, selecting an additional Participant will automatically remove the previous one. A One-Time 1:1 meeting is between you and one other participant.

  4. Finally, select Create Meeting; you will now be able to add Topics and Notes for your upcoming meeting.

  5. This meeting will fall into the Timeline between you and the participant. However, if you click back into your Meetings Tab, you will see two separate meeting tiles.

Team Meeting

  1. Scheduling a Team Meeting has never been easier! Select the green +Schedule a Meeting, then Team Meeting.

  2. Unlike the 1:1s above, Team Meetings will not auto-populate a Meeting Title. So, to begin, enter in the meeting title, start date, Time, and frequency. Need the meeting only to happen once? Great! Select One Time from the frequency drop-down.

  3. With all the details added, you can now begin selecting your Participants. You can filter by downline, direct reports, recent, or search by typing in the search field. Once the user is located, select their icon to add them to a meeting. Note you may choose only one participant and add more later. It will not automatically turn into a 1:1 meeting.

  4. Accidentally added in the wrong Member? Use the Red X on the right of their icon to remove the user from the Team Meeting.

Video Walk-Thru

Or, check out this blog post on 1:1 Meetings. Remember, at Leadr, "we believe the single biggest driver of increased growth, engagement, and productivity is the relationship between the manager and the employee. This makes the one on one meeting an incredibly important time, as it may be the only dedicated space all week where they have your undivided attention."

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