The Meetings homepage gives users a snapshot of their upcoming meetings in Leadr. But, if you need to do more in one (or all) of your meetings, this article will help you navigate those three vertical dots within each meeting.

Edit, Skip, Delete, and More

Begin by heading to your Meetings Tab and selecting the meeting needed. Once within the meeting, you will see three vertical dots; these dots will be where all changes will occur (including adding additional users).

Add or Remove User

  1. Select the Three Vertical Dots near the meeting title

  2. Next, select Edit Meeting to begin adding or removing participants

  3. Use the filter button to filter users, or start typing the user name into the search field

  4. Select the user to add to the meeting or hover over an existing user to use the red X to remove a user

  5. Select Update Meeting to save participants

Update a Meeting Series

  1. If you need to change the meeting series to a different time or date, select the Three Vertical Dots. Note that this changes the entire series; scroll to Reschedule a Meeting to update a single meeting.

  2. Select Edit Meeting to begin editing the entire series. Note you cannot turn an existing meeting into a different type.

Select Update Meeting to see the changes reflected

Reschedule a Meeting

  1. Do you need to reschedule part of one meeting, but not the entire series? Start by selecting the correct Meeting Date within the Timeline.

  2. Then, select the three vertical dots, then Reschedule this Meeting. Note this option is available for both one-time and recurring 1:1s and team meetings.

  3. Next, update the single meeting to the new time or date, then select Update Meeting. Your meeting is now changed; any future meetings remain as previously scheduled.

Skip a Meeting

  1. When a meeting is canceled, you can now skip a Meeting within a recurring 1:1 or Team Meeting. Note that any stored notes or topics not recurring or added to the future meeting will be lost when skipping a meeting. Make sure notes are added to a past or future meeting before using the Skip a Meeting.

  2. Select the correct meeting date, then the three vertical dots, select Skip this Meeting.

  3. Double-check the dates listed within the notice, then select Skip Meeting

  4. Now, the next most upcoming meeting will show up

Cancel a Meeting

  1. Select the upcoming meeting within the Timeline and then the three vertical dots to cancel an entire meeting series.

  2. Next, select Send Series to Archived.

  3. Confirm you want to end the series by selecting the red End Recurrence

  4. Now, meetings in this series that previously took place will show up with your Archived Meetings. Please allow up to an hour for the meeting to populate within archived.

  1. Select the upcoming meeting and the three vertical dots to cancel a single team or one-time 1:1 meeting.

  2. Next, select Cancel this Meeting.

  3. Confirm you want to delete this meeting by selecting the red Cancel Meeting button. Note, this meeting will not move into archived; any notes or topics will need to be copied into another meeting series.

  4. This meeting is now canceled. The invite will also be removed if scheduled in an integrated calendar.

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